Solar Oven Challenge

This year and are partnering together to offer students the opportunity to earn CleanCreds by participating in the Solar Oven Challenge.

My Clean City is a multi-pillar program that engages students to build a more environmentally sustainable future through youth leadership and volunteerism.

Students who participate in both the Solar Oven Challenge and My Clean City are eligible for some great PRIZES! >>

If You're a Student

  1. Have your teacher register for the Solar Oven Challenge. You will earn bonus CleanCreds when you do!
  2. Head over to and register to earn CleanCreds.
  3. Create your solar oven - alone or in a group. Your teacher will receive all necessary instructions.
  4. Have your teacher submit your Solar Oven Challenge project at before June 1, 2018.
  5. Submit your challenge at

If You're a Teacher

  1. Register your class for the Solar Oven Challenge.
  2. Have your students head over to and register.
  3. Have your students create their solar ovens - alone or in groups.
  4. Submit your students' Solar Oven Challenge projects before June 1, 2018.
  5. Make sure students also submit their individual or group projects at


Teacher Registration

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Registration ends May 18, 2018

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Bonus CleanCreds

Students who encourage their teachers to register for and submit the Solar Oven Challenge will receive bonus CleanCreds

Individual students

The individual student who earns the most CleanCreds and participates in the Solar Oven Challenge will be eligible to win a $100 Gift Certificate from Grass Roots


The team that collectively earns the most CleanCreds and participates in the Solar Oven Challenge will be eligible to win a $200 Gift Certificate from Grass Roots

What You Can Buy

Some of the innovative, environmental products available at Grass Roots:

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