What is the Solar Oven Challenge?

GreenLearning Canada hosts this delectable renewable energy challenge for Canadian classes every year which challenges participants to build, test, and bake with solar ovens. Students use the solar oven construction plan provided by re-energy.ca, or they design their own plans. Teachers register their classes—which in the past have ranged from grade 3 through to grade 12, and from science classes to environmental clubs—to be eligible to win prizes and certificates.

Congratulations to the 2014 Winners!


  • Consort School: Eleven Moustaches; Grade 4; Consort, AB; Teacher: Margaret Baskey
  • H.E.Bourgoin Middle School: H.E.Bourgoin Bears, Grades 5/6; Bonnyville, AB; Teacher: Tristan Ilko
  • Elizabeth Sutherland: 703 FI Science; Grade 7; Teacher: Matthew Murphy


  • St. Mark: Grade 7; Mississauga, ON; Teacher: Anne Paquin
  • Rundle Academy: CORE (Homeroom); Grades 7-9; Calgary, AB; Teacher: Kellie Adams
  • Lambton Central Collegiate & Vocational Institute: Grade 11; Petrolia, ON; Teacher: Chris Edgar
  • Ridgemont High School: Grade 10; Ottawa, ON; Teacher: Katie McColeman