Build a solar oven!


The sun is the ultimate renewable energy source. Every day for about ten billion years, the sun has poured out unimaginable amounts of energy. The Earth, orbiting at a distance of 150 million kilometres from the sun, intercepts a tiny fraction of this solar output. At the Earth's surface, incoming energy from the sun is absorbed by the land, water and atmosphere, and converted into measureable heat. This heat acts like a giant engine, creating winds and currents in our atmosphere, oceans, and rivers.

Most of the sun’s energy is emitted as visible light. To harness the sun as a source of energy, we need to convert it from visible light into heat or electricity.

Use the construction plan to build your own solar oven that really cooks! You can also use our plan to design your own and consult the many other models provided in the Links. Canadian classes can enter their solar oven in the Re-Energy Challenge.

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Solar Oven Showcase

Read descriptions, see photos, and borrow recipes from previous participants.